"I got your name tattoo’d in an arrow heart"
You're such an disgusting sweetheart. xo


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pale&black and white

I look so different with less makeup on!
Hi Jiye, i was wondering if i could get some advice, I know you get this a lot so i understand if you ignore itIm going through a hard time at school i have my friendship group, but lately the popular kids have been teasing me a lot and i dont know how to make them like me

I’m gunna give you some advice my old friend Luke told me, He said
“Why waste time on the people that hate and tease you
When you could be Spending your time on the ones that love and cherish you”

Be yourself and nobody else
Because at the end of the day the ones that love you for you, are the ones that will be there in the end
Not the ones who look down on you
It may not feel like it
But to the ones that care, you are perfect
And that’s all that really matters
Don’t waste your time on insignificant minds

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Dreaming of bigger and better things 
ie: chasing our tails and barking in our reflections

Glacier National Park by Jennifer Shindley on Flickr.
still posting the q&a video?

Yeah when I’m not feeling lazy haha

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Wish human beings were half as loving and selfless as this boy 🐶